Help your child achieve

Use the following prompts to help your child to achieve in Maths:-

Maths Non negs

Stage 0 Prompt Sheet
Stage 1 Prompt Sheet
Stage 2 Prompt Sheet
Stage 3 Prompt Sheet
Stage 4 Prompt Sheet
Stage 5 Prompt Sheet
Stage 6 Prompt Sheet
Written Calculations

Link to Active Learn (Abacus Maths)

Calculation Policy 2015

Calculation Objectives 2015

KS2 homework book insert

The following link will allow your child access the abacus maths, spelling and grammar activities.

Use the following prompt to help your child achieve in Reading and Writing:-

Parent consultation pp presentation stages new curr inc spg 2016

Phonics sounds

Primary National Curriculum September 2013
Useful sections:-
Pg 80 – 98 Glossary of terms – help for parents – understanding what your child is learning in the new curriculum
Pg 49 – 72 Spelling – help for parents – understanding what your child needs to know
Pg 75 – 79 Vocabulary, grammar and punctuation – understanding what your child needs to know

KS1 reading schemes

Ruth Miskin – RWI Phonics link:

Y1 expectations in English and Maths

Y2 english and maths expectations

Y3 english and maths expectations

Y4 english and maths expectations

Y5 english and maths expectations

Y6 english and maths expectations