Welcome Message – Chair

Dear Parents,

The Local Advisory Board welcome both your child and you to the school and hope your stay will be happy and fulfilling.

From time to time a vacancy arises for a Parent Governor and as a new parent/carer we would be grateful if you would take the time to read this letter.

The Head Teacher and staff are the backbone of the school and it is they who make the school what it is on a day to day basis. However, the role of a LAB member is also very important and they are closely involved in all aspects of school life including the selection of Head and Deputy Head, monitoring the delivery of the curriculum and the financial running of the school to name but a few. There is a meeting of the full LAB once a term which begins at 4.30pm, at the present time. 

As a Parent Governor it is not a requirement that you are a practicing Christian but as the school is Church of England you should be sympathetic to the Christian ethos of the school.

For all the work involved you will be paid nothing but you will derive great pleasure from being involved in the decision making process in the school and contributing towards the way all children are educated in the school.

As a new LAB member you will be expected to attend relevant training courses and as a new member you will be fully supported by the other members and the school who will ensure that you have all the help you require.

If you are interested in becoming a LAB member, as and when vacancies arises, then please contact the Head, a member of staff or another member and give your details so that they can be held on file until a vacancy arises. One of the members will arrange to have a chat with you if you require further information about any aspect of a LAB member’s role in the school.

Thank you

David Bowes

On behalf of the LAB of St. Mark’s C of E Primary School