Nursery are working hard and learning lots of letter sounds. So we can start to read simple words we have an interactive display which includes the sounds we know and Fred the Frog to help us Fred Talk.
Nursery children love to practise their maths in our two shops. It helps with their understanding and use of maths vocabulary as well as developing their role-play skills.
Reading is so important. We have well stocked book cases and love to read stories at any time of day.
Here in nursery we are surrounded by books, signs, labels and other things to read. Nursery children enjoy retelling familiar stories with lots of expression and actions. Some children have started blending sounds and love to use magnetic letters to build and read words. We are really proud of our wonderful children and how engaged they are with learning. Our home corner looks so inviting. Our children love to play and develop their language skills in this area.

Nursery is looking wonderful ready for the summer term. Hopefully the weather will be kind and lots of learning will take place outside



The nursery has been decorated for Christmas and some of the Christmas activities the children can enjoy.


Here are the nursery children preparing pine cones for the Tree Dressing Day in Dec.