Year 6

Year 6 had a great time following their design criteria to create an animal enclosure in DT. They had to think about how the animal had adapted over time and what it needed in order to survive.
Y6 improving their formal multiplication skills
Developing our Tag Rugby skills
The children in Y6 DC.HE were re- enacting part of the story of Danny the Champion of the World, being in their own ‘wood’ really helped them to understand the text
We love English and Writing in Year 6. Look how proud we are of our work.
Year 6 pupils were challenged to write a persuasive argument to our Head teacher – Mrs Hindson. They had to persuade her to give the pupils a day of choice. Mrs Hindson was so impressed with the standard of writing in Year 6 that she allowed the pupils to have a choice day. The children had so much fun!