Mrs Connor is the subject leader for English.

We teach writing because:

Writing is important as it is a key method of communication and one of the main ways we will be judged in life – job applications, letters etc…

Writing is important as almost all jobs contain some element of writing we need to be good writers to prepare us for the world of work.

Writing makes our thoughts visible to others.

Writing can be used for a variety of purposes – to entertain, inform, describe and persuade.

We teach reading because:

Reading helps us to understand the world around us.

Reading helps our mind to grow and keeps our brain active. 

It provides us with new knowledge and vocabulary which helps our written and spoken language.

It transports us into another world and helps us to relax. 

In KS1 – RWInc (Reading, Writing Incorporated)

This is so that we are able to apply it within our reading book.

This is so we are able to apply our sounds when reading at home, at school or in the wider world.

This is so we can build up our knowledge and read anything!

English Summer newsletter

Children learn in many different ways in English. They always work extremely hard and produce work of amazing quality! This starts in Nursery and continues all the way through school until Year 6. 


Rationale for the teaching of English at St.Mark’s

Spelling New Curriculum

Summer 1 Medium Term Plans

English MTP Nursery Summer 1

English MTP Y1 Summer 1

English MTP Y2 Summer 1

English MTP Y3 Summer 1

English MTP Y4 Summer 1

English MTP Y5 Summer 1

English MTP Y6 LC Summer 1

English MTP Y6 DCHE Summer 1

English MTP ARB LKS2 Summer 1

English MTP ARB KS1 Summer 1

Autumn 2 Medium Term Plans

Nursery Autumn 2 2020-2021

Reception Autumn 2 2020-2021

Year 1 Autumn 2 2020-2021

Year 2 Autumn 2 2020-2021

Year 3 Autumn 2 2020-2021

Year 4 Autumn 2 2020-2021

Year 5 Autumn 2 2020 – 2021

Y6 Autumn 2 2020-2021

ARB KS1 Autumn 2 2020-2021

ARB LKS2 Autumn 2 2020-2021

ARB UKS2 Autumn 2 2020-2021

Autumn 1 Medium Term Plans

Nursery MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y1 MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y2 MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y3 MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y4 MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y5 MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y6 (LC) MTP Autumn 1 2020

Y6 (DC/HE) MTP Autumn 1 2020

KS1 ARB MTP Autumn 1 2020

LKS2 ARB MTP Autumn 1 2020

UKS2 ARB MTP Autumn 1 2020

Non-negotiables for writing

Year group expectations punctuation at a glance

Handwriting new curriculum

Read, Write Inc

Children in Key Stage 1 follow Read Write inc. phonics for their teaching of reading. To support children in their reading development, and in order to keep expectations in line with what stage they are actually at in their reading, children choose a reading book that is in line with their RWI stage and the expectation is that they read these books to an adult, with fluency.

The children also choose a text to read for pleasure. We call these our challenge readers. The expectation here is to read this book with an adult, being supported and encouraged as they do so.

Those children who have already completed Read Write inc. phonics choose their weekly reading books from the following sources:

General class fiction (categorised into abilities)

ORT, Treetops, Storyworld

Use the link below for more information and support about RWI: 


Approach to reading and writing

Link to Ruth Miskin (RWI) phonics   –  http://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/