Miss Boagey is the subject leader for PSHE

Mrs Khan is the subject leader for RSE / Outdoor Learning

We teach PSHE because:

PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health Education. This subject gives us the knowledge and skills we need to keep ourselves healthy, safe and it prepares us for life and work in Britain. It will help us gain the skills that we need, which we can use throughout our lives.

PSHE newsletter 2021



To raise awareness and take part in Autism awareness month, we made Autism ribbons.

We raised £121.50 for Comic Relief. Thank you for your continued support. 😃

To celebrate World Down Syndrome day, we had a ‘design your own odd socks competition!’ Here are the winners!


To celebrate Mental Health Week, children and staff created their own thumb prints containing words and phrases that make them unique.
‘My choices are like my fingerprints – unique! Our prints never fade from the lives we touch. Here are some of our thumb prints – we can all come together but shine in our own way!’ 
Year 3 have been busy in their pedestrian training sessions. They showed how mature they have become, working well with the instructors and learning how to behave sensibly near roads.
Well done for staying safe

The shop is stocked and ready to go! Children receive stamps for following our Christian and British values – being well behaved and completing their homework! They can save them or spend them… ask your child: are they a saver or a spender?

Nursery have been learning how to be good friends. Good friends have kind hands and listen to others. They try to make other children smile. Every week the staff choose two children from each group who have tried hard to be a good friend to everyone.


For Children in Need, all classes participated in a Joe Wicks workout every morning and got dressed up for the day. We raised over £200

Year 3 created some Firework safety posters

Year 3 created an aspiration tree with the children’s hopes for what they hope they can do by the end of the year. Well done for thinking of some great ideas.


At the end of our whole school project, we created some brilliant art work that we would like to share with you.  Every child in school created a self-portrait, in their year group colour, which has been displayed in a huge rainbow near the entrance to school. It looks extremely impressive!  Every child in school has also decorated a pebble which has been used to brighten our school courtyard.  Finally, every class decorated a boulder linked to our whole school book called ‘Here We Are’. These can be found along the path at the front of school – they create a wonderful entrance to the school. The whole display can be found underneath a sign decorated by two very talented Year 6 artists.  Please have a look next time you visit school.