3/4SQ – In our RE topic Incarnation, we have been looking at stories from the New Testament and listening to the different Gospel versions of how God became human on Earth.  We looked at Jesus’ Baptism and used different paintings and images to create our own version of Jesus’ Baptism, within this we created the Trinity.



Year 3/4 SQ – In Autumn, our new RE topic was Incarnation and God.  We looked at the idea of water, what it is used for, what we think about water and how water is a special symbol of our Christian faith.  We linked this to why water is used in Baptism and continued to look into Jesus’ Baptism




In Reception we have been learning the Story of The Good Samaritan so that we could understand the message from Jesus ‘To love your neighbour as you would love yourself’ We talked about everyone being our neighbour and our Mission Statement ‘Welcome Everyone.(Jan 18)



Saying a prayer in Nursery every day



KS1 Barnabas Day October 5th 2017


RE Day 2016


Advent Prayer Day 2016



2016 Messy Advent with EYFS





World Mental Health Day and our Charity Launch Day – 10.10.17

Today, the children learnt all about mental health through a series of activities. We also raised £476 for our charities, Toma and Young Minds.

This is what our children said about the day;

“I didn’t know you could get mental health issues at any time in your life, I thought you were born with them.”

“I didn’t know anybody could get mental health issue, I thought only certain people got them.”

“I didn’t know mental health issues could arise from an event.”

“It’s made me think about how I should look after myself and my friends.”



Y6 – French