Meet the Staff

At St Mark’s C of E Primary it’s a team effort. Our dedicated staff provide high quality care and education for all children in a happy and stimulating environment.

Here is a list of our staff structure, for 2023-24, with their roles and responsibilities. For curriculum roles, click here.

Teacher  Role 
Mrs Stacey Rand   Acting Headteacher 
Mrs Lisa Connor  0.8 Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs Debbie Carr  0.5 Assistant Headteacher  
Mrs L Worrall   0.6 Nursery Teacher  
Mrs H Edinboro   0.5 Nursery Teacher 
Miss N Bourner   Reception Teacher  
Miss E Kemp   Reception Teacher  
Miss H Morgan   Year 1 Teacher  
Miss L Teasdale   Year 1 Teacher  
Miss G Hodgers   Year 2 Teacher 
Mrs F Galloway  0.8 Year 2 Teacher 
Miss K Morgan   0.2 Year 2 Teacher   
Mr M Wilson Year 3 Teacher
Miss L McCheyne  Year 3 Teacher ECT 
Miss R Hearn  Year 4 Teacher ECT 
Miss R Ashford   0.8 Teacher , SENCO  
Mrs L Fitzgerald  0.6 Y4 Teacher 
Mr T Attewill   Year 5 Teacher  
Mrs G Scoby  Year 5 Teacher  
Mrs S Mallam    Year 6 Teacher  
Miss H Frazer   Year 6 Teacher  
Mrs C Parker  EMS Class Teacher 
Miss E McHale  School Support Assistant  
Mrs A Stephen   School Support Assistant  
Mrs D Menzies   School Support Assistant 0.5 HLTA  
Mr A Trotter   School Support Assistant  
Miss L Hedley   School Support Assistant  
Mrs I Warriner   School Support Assistant  
Mrs S Fryer   School Support Assistant  
Mrs D Oliver   School Support Assistant  
Mrs M Gudgeon   School Support Assistant  
Mrs D Mason   Nursery Manager  
Mrs L Teasdale   School Support Assistant  
Mrs M Simpson   School Support Assistant  
Mrs T Penn   School Support Assistant  
Mrs A Bilton   School Support Assistant  
Miss P Moody   School Support Assistant  
Miss S McGrath  School Support Assistant 
Miss L Corkin   School Support Assistant, 0.5 HLTA  
Miss L Gunn   School Support Assistant  
Mrs H Longmire   School Support Assistant  
Mrs J Aird  School Support Assistant 
Mrs K Stephenson School Support Assistant 
Mrs R Thorpe School Support Assistant 
Miss R Chubb  HLTA 
Mrs J Todd   Admin  
Mrs R Chapman   Admin  
Miss Megan Robinson  Admin 
Mrs E Eccles    Senior admin  
Mr J Love   Caretaker  
Mrs P Thornton   Pupil Welfare Officer  
Mrs S Arthur  After School, Breakfast Club & Lunchtime Supervisory      Assistant             
Mrs L Dalkin  After School Club Assistant 
Mrs C Greenfield  Breakfast & Lunchtime supervisory Assistant 
Mrs J Martin-Brooks  After School, Breakfast Club & Lunchtime Supervisory    Assistant             
Mrs S Mackinlay  Breakfast Club and Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant 
Mrs M Allison  Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant  
Mrs R Walker  Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant 
Mrs J Pinkney  Breakfast Club Assistant 
  After School Club Assistant