Nov 2021 – St Mark’s had the pleasure of a visit from the Mayor of Stockton. He told us about his role in the community.
Nov 2021 – Y6 had the pleasure of a visit from MP Matt Vickers. They put their questions, thoughts and opinions forward for him to answer.
Year 5 and 6 had the great pleasure of welcoming a special visitor to our school – Chris Connaughton.
Chris is an actor and spends a lot of time researching well-known figures through time. He then uses this knowledge to take on the persona of many well-known people and share his knowledge and facts with others.
He was Charles Darwin and his performances inspired and mesmerized the children! They loved watching him and learnt lots more about Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution.
Look at all the fun we had!
Dexter, the Easter bunny visited nursery. He was very well behaved and the children loved him. They learned how to care for a rabbit and what Dexter likes to eat