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Valuing All Gods Children

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St Mark’s Vision

At St. Mark’s Church of England Primary School, our vision is:

At St. Mark’s, every child is distinct in their own way and we want their primary education to be as distinct as them and certainly a chapter of their lives that they will remember. We want each child to strive for academic success in all areas of the curriculum, by generating a real love for learning and offering them experiences that allow them to understand the world around them.

As well as their curriculum experiences, we feel supporting and nurturing children in: demonstrating wisdom (being wise), yielding knowledge and skills and demonstrating hope when challenge arises; exhibiting aspiration; conducting themselves with dignity and respect in order to live well with others in any chosen community; creating ambitious, capable learners, who are ready to learn through every chapter of their lives, not just this one; allowing them to become creative contributors, ready to play a full part in life, will enable St. Mark’s children to flourish as confident and healthy individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives and become valued members of society and unique children of God.

St Mark’s Mission Statement

At St Mark’s C of E Primary School we will:

  • Welcome everyone
  • Build Christian values and worship into our teaching
  • Establish strong links between home, school and community
  • Endeavour to reach our full potential and celebrate our achievements, we limit no one
  • Care for, encourage and respect each other
  • Support each other to stay safe, healthy and make a positive contribution to our World


Our Christian values are embedded into everything we do at St Mark’s. They are: