Nursery had a wonderful time releasing our butterflies into the blue sky last week. We have followed their progress from caterpillars to butterflies and were so excited to see them spread their wings and take to the sky
Look at these amazing pictures of our new born chicks.
The Nursery children enjoyed playing in the snow during ‘the most wonderful time of the year’!
Reception have loved celebrating Emergency Service’s Day with a visit from PCSO Thomas. The children asked questions but the most common was: ‘How do you catch all the baddies?’ They enjoyed every minute of the visit and it has inspired their play throughout the day.
We are so pleased with how the new nursery children are settling in and how the older nursery children have welcomed them. Here are a few photos showing everyone playing happily today. Please tell your little one they are doing really well.
Look what we have grown in Nursery! 🥕🥔🍓🌻
We planted, cared for and harvested lots of different fruits and vegetables. Nursery children enjoyed growing and eating what we had grown!