Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Newsletter Autumn 2021

Using koinonia, Y6 had the challenge of building the tallest tower from natural resources

Y6 making crosses using square lashing. They worked in pairs to help each other with this fiddly task.

Y6 sketches of an aerial view of the school

Bring a stick to school day – each class used their sticks in various ways. Y6 used their sticks to compare and measure.

Y5AK had so much fun today! We crushed berries and used them as ink to write Mayan hieroglyphs with feathers!

Y6 Writing an acrostic poem about their Summer holidays

Nursery children having fun whilst learning in the outdoor classroom

Y5 have been learning survival skills in the outdoor sessions! This week they learnt one way of filtering water. The results were great. Thank you to Mr Stockton for your help

Year 2 have really enjoyed using the outdoor classroom for Maths this week. We have been working on multiplication and division – to help us understand this, we made groups of 2s and 5s using sticks

Y4 looked for acute, obtuse and right angles around school then drew shapes on the playground and labelled the angles.

Y4 were exploring the outdoor area looking for horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines

Y4 created human number lines to help with our understanding of how to round numbers

Reception class exploring outside

Y1 Drawing animals

Year 2 went on a ‘conjunctions hunt’ in the outdoor classroom. We found puzzle pieces and had to work as a team to make the conjunctions. 

Year 5 sketching in the style of Henri Rousseau