Welcome to St Mark’s C.E Primary School

School Contact Numbers

Mrs Hindson  –  07546 208597

Mrs Carr  –  07546 208596

Mrs Connor  –  07546 208595

Mrs Thornton  –  07546 208594

We are working through the DfE checklist regularly to make sure we are compliant with current safeguarding guidance in the light of the pandemic.’  – Click here if you are concerned about anything

Members of the P.T.A
Mrs V Hall
Mrs P Thornton
Mrs J Pinkney

Meet the Teacher 2019

Parent welcome 2019 Reception Mrs Munns and Mrs Ruddock

Parent consultation PP Presentation Y1 Miss Morgan, Mrs Headlam and Mrs Rutter

Parent consultation PP Presentation 2019 Y2 Mrs Jemmeson and Miss Boagey

Parent consultation PP Presentation Y3 Mr Attewill and Miss Shannon

Parent consultation PP Presentation Y4 Miss Johnson

Parent consultation PP Presentation Y4 Miss Fraser

Parent Presentation 2019 Y5 Mrs Khan

Parent Presentation 2019 Y5.6 Mrs Connor

Parent Presentation 2019 Y6 Mrs Carr and Mrs Edinboro

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Coronavirus Latest letter 6.3.20

All Stockton

Home to school transport policy

Gritted paths

Emergency Reading Diary – to be used when your child has forgotten their school reading diary